AGR-14 Assault Rifle

The AGR-14 Raptor is a Terran 8 mm gauss assault rifle. The AGR-14 is capable of both single shot and automatic fire rates.

Overview Edit

The Raptor fires at supersonic speeds and makes a very intimidating roar when it does so. It is capable of firing jacketless slugs that can tear through a human body, depleted uranium rounds, and steel tipped anti-personnel rounds, all fired through magnetic acceleration. Ultrasonic pulses capable of stunning enemies can also be fired.

The Raptor can also launch grenades in secondary fire mode.

The AGR-14 was used to train Confederate Marine Corps recruits and old models existed as far back as 2478. The weapon is also available to Ghosts and is frequently used by Spectres.

The Raptor can be fitted with a scope that possesses a 2x zoom capacity, and has an effective range of 800 meters.

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