AGR-22 Sabre

The AGR-22 Sabre is a Terran 8mm gauss assault rifle. The Sabre is capable of both single-shot and automatic fire rates through the use of a selectable barrel.

Overview Edit

The AGR-22 Sabre possesses dual sound-suppression barrels that make it as quiet as death. It is capable of firing many different kinds of munitions that are all fired through pneumatic gas-acceleration. Ultrasonic pulses capable of stunning enemies can also be fired.

The Sabre comes standard with an adjustable 2x-3x zoom capacity LED scope, which comes in handy when the shooter is using its secondary fire mode, which is single-shot. The single-shot underbarrel of the gun is equipped with an infrared laser that feeds information beck to the LED scope, and by extension, the shooter. This laser reveals distance from the target as well as where the lower barrel is aiming, allowing for far more accurate kill-shots.

The Sabre is widely used by special forces and mercenary groups, and is available to Ghosts and Spectres as well.

The AGR-22 remains accurate out to a range of 800 meters.

Trivia Edit

The AGR-22 Sabre was invented by innovative weapon-specialist, Kal Wardin.

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