AMS-5 Warden

The AMS-5 Warden is a Terran pneumatic gas operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, anti-material sniper rifle.

Overview Edit

The AMS-5 Warden has a very similar design to the AMS-3 Ace. It has exceptional accuracy and the ability to take out energy-shielding and high-density armor at the same time.

The Warden proves its worthiness as a long range weapon, capable of picking off single targets with a lethal shot. It can be used to neutralize significant threats that would've been a problem for the shooter to tackle in CQC.

Other than serving as an offensive role, the AMS-5 can also be deployed as an automated sentry of sorts that scans a 180 degree field and fires on identified targets. The Warden does not seek out the head of these individuals however, and aims for the body, reloading itself automatically in the process.

The AMS-5 Warden remains accurate out to a range of 1800 meters.

Trivia Edit

The AMS-5 Warden was invented by innovative weapon-specialist, Kal Wardin, and is a 'play on words' of his last name.

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