APS-2 Assassin

The APS-2 Assassin is a Terran semi-automatic anti-personnel sniper rifle designed to kill silently and efficiently.

Overview Edit

The Assassin comes standard with an adjustable 2x-10x zoom capacity LED MultiOptic scope with normal, infrared, night-vision, and VISR viewing modes. The underbarrel of the gun is equipped with an infrared laser that feeds information back to the LED scope, and by extension, the shooter. This laser reveals exact distance from the target.

While aiming the APS-2, a computer in the shooter's helmet measures wind, elevation and other factors and gives recommendations to the sniper via a HUD.

The enlarged trigger guard makes it possible for armored shooters to use it. The trigger itself has two stages; once the trigger is activated, and the initial slack taken out of the mechanism, only a light touch is needed to fire the rifle.

The APS-2 has magnification capabilities rivalling the BOSUN FN92 and is accurate over a range of 1800 meters.

Trivia Edit

The APS-2 Assassin was invented by innovative weapon-specialist, Kal Wardin.

APS-2 Assassin Large

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