AV-3 Longshot

The AVS-3 Longshot is a Terran high-caliber, single-shot, bolt-action, anti-vehicular sniper rifle used primarily by infantry.

Overview Edit

With its compentent scope, long barrel, and precise but powerful ballistics, the Longshot shifts the rules of combat drastically, allowing a skilled sniper to remain uninjured or even unseen during firefights.

With a well-placed headshot, the Longshot is capable of dispatching a variety of opponents easily; even if a headshot is inconvenient or otherwise impossible at the time, it is still capable of inflicting critical damage to the target regardless of hit location. If you do manage to strike a target in the head, however, the target's head will be burst by the round.

The Longshot sniper rifle is capable of 2x and 4x interchangeable zoom modes, and is accurate over a range of 1400 meters.

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