Adtrak are sloth-like creatures native to Aiur.

Extremely docile compared too other life forms found on the planet, they spend most of their lives hibernating in the trees hanging on with their nine tentacles. Few predators wish to eat the creature due to its foul order and taste.

Even the Zerg could find little use for the Adtrak other than a source of biomass. When they tried to assimilate the life form, most of the resulting strains just lay asleep while stronger strains just slaughtered them. As such, they are generally passed over for more dangerous creatures. The remaining Protoss did try to used this to their advantage by catching glimpses of enemy movement; however, the Adtrak's natural instinct to sleep made it impossible to use at its full potential.

Special abilities:

  • Hibernate - unit is immobilized while non-actively controlled enemies pass over it
  • Repel (passive) - critter expels noxious gas that repulses nearby biological units. Does not work against infantry in powered armor

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