In Naer'Dorei mythology, the fields of Airu are the heavenly paradise, where Osiris ruled after he displaced Anubis.

Only souls who lived worthily in mortality were allowed to start a long and perilous journey to Airu, where they would exist in peace and joy with the gods for all eternity. The Naer'Dorei believed that the spirit resided in the heart, and that the eyes were the window to the Ka or spiritual essence of a soul. They were said to suffer a second death when they are cut off from the presence of the gods while still in Duat for judgment.

The souls who did qualify had to undergo a long journey before reaching Airu. Once they arrived, they had to enter through a series of gates, known as the Rauki-Duat. The exact number of gates being 21, described as being guarded by Seraphim armed with swords of seething light.

Airu usually was placed in the west, and is described as a paradisiacal world, very much like that of the Earth, and a place without physical ailments, frailties, or pain. Those deceased who, after judgment, were allowed to reside there, were often called the eternally living.

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