Alkahel 44, also known as Alkahellite, is one of many catalytic elements used in the formation of Neosteel, plasteel and other metal alloys.

Commonly found on icy planets and asteroids, Alkahel 44 is extremely unstable in its pure state. When used in processing materials, the molecular structure of virtually any substance becomes distabilized and extremely susceptible to chemical reactions. This allows manufacturers to combine materials faster and more easily with minimun loss of resources.

Alkahel 44 is also used to salvage materials from broken vehicles and structures. This can be essential when resources are scarce and processing new Neosteel parts would be time consuming.

Due to its unstable properties, Alkahel 44 needs to be mixed and stored with molecular stabilizers to prevent unwanted reactions. Only high temperatures, such as the ones created by SCV Fusion cutters, can purge the stabilizing elements from the catalyst into its usable form.


  • The name was inspired by the mythological substance Alkahest

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