Critical to the Naer'Dorei belief system, Amenthes is the metaphysical dimension through which the Seraphim freely traveled, and where the ancient gods battled Apep. It is also the place where the souls of the fallen go after death. The structure of Amenthes, and the dangers faced there by the ka, or spiritual essence of the dead, are detailed in texts such as the Book of Gates and the Book of the Dead. Amenthes is located within the same universe, and those within Amenthes can see the physical world. It is believed that the Ra-Se-Kael, on their journey through the Duat, or spirit gate, brought light and revitalization to the deceased.

The heart is thought to be the vessel of the soul by the Naer'Dorei, and the eyes, a window into the spirit of an individual. The spirits of those who are out of balance because of sin, are thought to be rejected, cast into Spirit Prison, and finally, judged of all their works in what is said to be the great second coming of Heru, the God of mercy and justice. Those who are judged and found guilty of serious sin are chained forever within Outer Darkness, the realm of Apep. Those souls that tried, in any degree, to do that which is right, would be allowed to travel toward the 7 mounting kingdoms of Raukeeyang, the top 3 kingdoms belonging paradise of Airu, the middle 3, belonging to Alur, and the last 4 belonging to Yaru.

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