Annexed Units are ground and air forces reformatted by the Vaul. They are altered either directly or built from scratch by Annexed buildings. Some units gain HPs, different and/or enhanced versions of their original powers after being annexed.


Many biological units are clones or Terrans who have had their minds wiped with advanced technology. If starting from scratch, the Annexed Command Center is renamed as a Command Hub:

  • Most ground units lack plasma shielding
  • All air units have plasma shielding


Unit Details Counterpart
Apollo Advanced combat mech Thor
Blitz Tank Mobile artillery tank Siege Tank
Crusader Heavy fire support Marauder
GDP Seismic engineer SCV
OX Automated excavation drone MULE
Peacekeeper Recon/Rescue vehicle Hellion
Phantom Third generation psychic commando Ghost
Savior Rapid-response cavalry Reaper
Trojan Clone shock trooper Marine


Unit Details Counterpart
Apache Multipurpose support craft Viking
Dreadnought Highly versatile battleship Battlecruiser
EMT Medical transport Medivac dropship
Osprey Construction/Support vessel Raven
Siren Stealth bomber Banshee

Expansion UnitsEdit

Unit Details Counterpart
Fusion Bug (HotS) Walking radioactive arsenal Widow mine
Peacemaker (HotS) Upgraded Paragon Hellbat
Conqueror (LotV) Aerospace weapons platform Liberator
Tremor (LotV) Plasma assault carriage Cyclone


As the first "creations" of the Xel'Naga, the Protoss genome is something the Vaul are very familiar with. The fact that they rely on multiple robots is also something that works in the Vaul's favor. If starting from scratch, the Protoss Nexus becomes a Dark Nexus (an Annexed Nexus was too confusing):

  • All units have plasma shielding


Unit Details Counterpart
Architect Deadly power tool Probe
Chaos Archon Embodiment of destruction Archon
Deviant Khala infidel High Templar
Exile Forsaken warrior Zealot
Icon Ranged combat strider Stalker
Invader Infiltration support drone Sentry
Onyx Nuclear warfare strider Colossus
Revenant Heavy demolitions strider Immortal
Venator Psionic berserker Dark Templar


Unit Details Counterpart
Eclipse Psionic command craft Mothership
Forerunner Refit capital ship Carrier
Nighthawk Air supremacy fighter Phoenix
Tracker Robotic bounty hunter Observer
Rift ark Counter-air/salvage transport Warp Prism
Warp Ray Heavy cruiser Void Ray

Expansion UnitsEdit

Unit Details Counterpart
Eclipse core (HotS) Semi-complete warship Mothership Core
Halcyon (HotS) Long range battleship Tempest
Prophet (HotS) Time and space master Oracle
Mystic (LotV) Arcane psionics expert Adept
Equalizer (LotV) Robotic support Disruptor


Biological units like the Zerg react slightly differently to the Annexing process than the other two races. Due to their complex DNA, any alterations risks weakening the targeted unit. Similar to Terran Zerg-bot, annexed Zerg strains are converted into cyborgs with +50% armor, endurance, and attack strength (Transformers: Key to Vector Sigma; Sonic: Roboticizer). At the same time, these strains retain their all their special abilities.

  • No Annexed Zerg unit has plasma shielding


  • Current abilities and names will be adjusted as Canon Information gets past development

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