Anomalisks are evolved from the mantis screamer from the desolate Dinares Sector, and are the primary aerial assault unit of the Scylla Brood.


The Anomalisk has retained its predecessor's ability to travel through both air and space, using a weak psionic kinesis to propel itself through airless environments. The Anomalisk possesses a special organ within its innards dedicated spacifically to the manipulation of void energies, and it projects this energy in a psionic burst to attack, desintigrating the matter it comes into contact with.

An Anomalisk's fangs are also deadly and given that Anomalisk blood is acidic, able to melt through even CMC armor, such close quarters are hardly favorable to an Anomalisk's intended victim(s). This being said, the Anomalisk is not without its vulnerabilities. Its own acidic blood is just as deadly to itself as it is to its foes and its wings are exceptionally fragile, able to be shredded even by glass.

In battle, Anomalisks form the primary flying forces of the Scylla, making hit-and-run attacks against vulnerable installations and wheeling across the skies in prodigious numbers above Scylla nests or land-based forces. In addition to its speed and agility, the Anomalisk is capable of tracing many varieties of signals to their source.

The Anomalisk possesses the ability to draw upon the genetics offered by a Greater Spire to morph into a Renewer or Sentinel.