Apex Relays are highly advanced crystal-powered satellites constructed in Echelon Spires.

Similar in appearance to the platform from the Shakuras Temple, these satellites are built to transmit signals or energy across a planet. Once a race aquires the use of an Apex Relay, they can use it to unleash powerful attacks that ranged from obilterating a small base to cleansing an entire planet.

To avoid being destroyed en route to their designated target, Apex Relays move at very high attitudes that are far beyond the reach of any sationary defense. The only way to attack them is by air units, and they need to get through a Plasma shield powerful enough to withstand multiple Yamato Gun shots. This makes Emissaries extremely difficult to take down with weak attacks (Stargate SG-1: Ori satellite).

Special abilities:

  • ORBIT (passive) - unit can not be attacked by ground units or structures
  • Uses the Ultimate Weapons of whichever race controls it

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