The Arbalest-class Frigate is a model of warship widely used in the Gantris Sector.


The Arbalest-class Frigate was first constructed in 2503 for the rebellion that became the Gantris Coalition. It was heavily influenced by agents of the Mikoyan Alliance advisers who were aiding the rebellion and remained on the front-lines through the Gantris Revolt. Many continued to remain in service as training vessels until the coalition was conquered by the Reformed United Planets League as part of the Second Purification Project and several became part of the resistance forces combating the occupation.


The Arbalest-class Frigate is 238 meters long, carrying a standard crew of 824 with room for 220 troops aboard, and a platoon of ground vehicles. It is warp drive equipped. For armaments it carries 10 antiship laser beam batteries, and 5 antiship railgun batteries along with 2 ship to ship missile launchers. It also has 34 point-defense laser mounts, and 22 point-defense railgun mounts. Its hanger carries 5 shuttles and four starfighter squadrons with six fighters each for a total of twenty four fighters fully loaded. In the revolt and the post coalition resistance movement composition of the wing varied with each ship but in the coalition navy 2 interceptor and 2 fighter bomber squadrons was the standard compliment.