The Architect is a modified construction unit.

One of the Protoss' staple robotic units, Probes have shown unmatched efficiency in "constructing" buildings. More accurately, they produce a micro-beacon to anchor buildings in transport for hostile environments. Once this process is done, the Probe is free to mine or scout out areas for more valuable units. Other than this, they are completely useless in combat. With only plasma shields and light armor for protection, Probes are easily slaughtered with one or two hits from a Siege Tank (in any mode) or Dark Archon. Recognizing the value of these little workers, the Vaul re-forged them into Architects.

Architects share the same capabilities as their counterparts with an additional skill inspired by Zerg metamorphic strains. By moving themselves to a mineral node or pile of destructible rocks, they can gather the nearby materials to form a crude monolith. Inside this structure, Architects can modify themselves to form a Stone or Crystal Guardian depending on the materials used. After the process is done, the unit emerges from the monolith sending rubble everywhere. Though the process leaves few minerals left for other purposes, the end product of a Stone/Crystal guardian can be worth the loss should the situation call for it.

Special abilities:

  • Worker Abilities - the Architect warps in structures and harvests Minerals and Vespene Gas
  • Masterpiece - unit sacrifices itself to form a Stone (Destructible Rocks) or Crystal guardian (Mineral Node). Formation costs 200 of whatever material is used and Architect cannot be brought back

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