The Armor saw is an attachment for field Medic gauntlets.

Its main purpose is to cut through infantry powered armor so the medic can treat wounds (Warhammer 40K: Narthecium). The armor saw is composed of multiple monomolecular Neosteel teeth designed to cut flesh, bone, and metal alloys quickly and cleanly. Automatic chemical dispensers sanitizes the saw to prevent infections. A micro-fusion cutter complements the gauntlet for quick in-field repairs so SCVs can focus on maintaining more complex technology.

In some cases, the Armor saw can be used as an improvised melee weapon against light armored attackers (Team Fortress 2: Medic). Though most users strictly use it for emergency medical procedures.


  • Medic gains +5 melee attack and increases healing rate by +2 at regular cost of energy

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