Aurius Willowbane leading the defense at the battle of Versalite

Aurius Willowbane is a Terran ex-Cerberus operative and the commander of NOVA.

Overview Edit

Aurius Willowbane is a strong and objective leader, capable of commanding as well as combating massive armies at the same time.

A good man at heart, Aurius tries to align himself with who he deems to be of good character; however living in a time where good people were somewhat scarce, he decided that rather than aligning himself with one faction, he would forge a mercenarial team and slowly expand his ranks.

He cares about things more than he lets on and can be quite the charismatic negotiator when he needs to be although he prefers to stick to short and 'to the point' sentences. He does this so his men will understand his quick commands on the battle field.

He is very protective of those under him and deploys minimum risk strategies as a general rule.

History Edit

Aurius Willowbane was born and raised on , and even as a small child was forced to fight for survival.

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