The Auto-med, or automated medic, is a civilian version of Med-bots used in military operations.

Often standard issue for civilian medical facilities, at least 10 of these types of robots can be found in any clinic or hospital. For mobile operations, at least one Auto-med must be installed in a Medivac dropship with software compatible with Nanite projectors (Star Trek - Voyager: EMH; Star Wars: Twilight).

As new alien weapons and evolutions are discovered, Auto-meds are constantly upgraded to cure and heal most damage. Some versions are even programmed to integrate cybernetics if necessary.

Special abilities:

  • Heal (autocast) - heals health of biological units
  • Restoration - removes most negative buffs from target units
  • Implant cybernetics - boosts biological unit speed and damage by +70%. Effect is permanent and cannot be used twice on the same unit

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