The B-20 Carbine is the standard issue longarm for COLD Troopers. Though not as advance as most Dominion firearms, it is ideal for paramilitary organizations.

B-20 Carbines use the same ammunition as C-14s for convenience, but has a smaller magazine. This is due to the semi-automatic shotgun attachment used mainly for close quarter combat (Starship Troopers: Morita Assault Rifle). Highly effective at short and mid-ranges, the only problems that arise from using B-20s is the difficulty of reloading two different magazine chambers and decreased accuracy at long ranges.

The B-20s also cannot be equipped with a bayonet to increase melee damage.


  • Great at short to mid-range
  • Short cooldown
  • Secondary fire: Shotgun - deals high damage at close range


  • Less accurate at long ranges
  • Moderate reload time
  • Weak melee damage

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