The Bandit is a Terran all-terrain vehicle used during the colonization of the Koprulu Sector. Before the development of hover vehicles, it was used mostly for scouting missions on unknown terrain. The Bandit was sometimes equipped with a grappling hook and winch to help haul or secure various objects of great weight. Powered by Vespene-fueled engines, a team of four to five Bandits have been used to haul out a dropship-sized craft from quicksand or swamps.

After the development of Vulture bikes, Bandits began to be phased out by the military due to the cycle's superior speed and vesatility on any terrain. The ATV is still popular in the civilian sectors, because of their cheaper cost in parts and production. In many cases, fringe worlder's have been using them in a basic defense against pirates and raiders as the Terran Confederacy would not extend military resources outside the core worlds.

For weapons, riders usually stored shotguns or hunting rifles on the sides when not in use. When the Zerg invaded the edge of Terran space, Bandit users had little effectiveness against breeds such as hydralisks, but faired better against zerglings. Ultimately, the Bandit became obsolete at the end of the Brood War in favor of faster and more heavily armed vehicles.

Special abilities:

  • Cliff Jump (autocast) - vehicle can jump across gaps if given enough distance
  • Hoist - pulls away target structure or mineral node

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