The Banshee is a Terran stealth bomber.

A recent addition in most terran military air forces, the bomber is made for high maneuverability in multiple atmospheres and the vacuum of space. Its armaments mostly consist of air-to-surface rockets that excel in destroying structures or clusters of enemy ground forces. The Banshee bomber uses refit Wraith cloaking devices to augment their stealth capabilities. This allows them to perform aerial recon in most areas where enemy detection is minimal.

What makes the bomber more valuable is its production cost. Due to its simplistic components, manufacturing plants can mass produce Banshees at a fraction of the cost of more advanced fighter. This allows more resources to go into developing better defenses against alien and non-alien attack.

Special abilities:

  • Cloaking Field - enables unit to cloak

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Irradiation rockets - rockets deal +15 vs biological. Any target that is not destroyed is irradiated for 30 seconds
  • Disruptor rockets - rockets create an EMP that deals +50 damage to plasma shields and energy bars. Targeted units and Detectors are blinded


For more information see Banshee on the parent site

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