Barghest Brood

The Barghest Brood possesses the most numerous armies of the Dark Swarm, and is tasked primarily with assisting in large scale invasions.

The Barghest Brood's faction color is blood red.


The millions-strong Barghest Brood, under the control of Cerebrate Draghul, is sent forth by Zhartuus when the other Attack Wing broods are unable to break enemy ranks alone. The Barghest Brood's forces are made up primarily of Barghests, Zerglings, and Magmalings. This brood is so destructive that it is kept in reserve within the central recesses of the Zerg fleet unless absolutely necessary. It has been known to eradicate fellow Zerg as well as enemies in its furious rampages.

Special StrainsEdit

The Barghest Brood gets its name from its frequent use of specialized Zerglings known as Barghests which it uses to ravage enemy forces.

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