Basilisk Brood Color

The Basilisk Brood is the primary offensive fighting force for the Dark Swarm, and it utilizes manipulation and infiltration tactics.

The Basilisk Brood's faction color is magenta.


The Basilisk Brood specializes in using manipulative strategem to destroy its foes. The brood's forces, which consist mostly of Hydralisks, Basilisks, and Ignilisks, employ the use of cunning offensive maneuvers to draw the enemy's attention from the true threat. Commonly, the Basilisk Brood would send its Hydralisks to draw out enemy forces toward a Basilisk ambush, often eradicating their infantry. Once the infantry were destroyed, the Basilisks and Hydralisks would keep the remaining forces occupied, while the Ignilisks would covertly make their way to prime targets within the enemy base, emerging to wreak havoc and destruction.

Special StrainsEdit

The Basilisk Brood occasionally employs Basilisks, a fearsome evolution of the Zerg Hydralisk, to assault infantry based defenses of enemies.


The Basilisk Brood was first observed on the Fringe World of Khalim. Alongside the Manticore Brood, Basilisk Brood warriors were situated throughout the Nuumis Installation. The Basilisk Brood participated in the invasion of Vera 9. The Basilisk Cerebrate, Kheidris, was charged with making up the core of the New Overmind's offensive forces once it was manifested on Vera 9, along with the Wyvern Brood.


The Basilisk Brood is named after the mythical reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power of causing death by a single glance.

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