Battle rations is a blanket term for "food" that can be easily transported and saved for a long time.

They are often used by Terran military forces on the field or during relief efforts. Battle rations can be fit into a small pack on the CMC Powered Combat Suit used by the Dominion Marine Corps. One kit generally holds enough calories and nutrients for the average soldier for 3-4 days.

Several planets have been stockpiling freighter loads of rations during the interim of the Brood War. This is likely a result of the lost of colony worlds responsible for food growth being infested or purified.

Common Rations in utility packs:

  • 4 Hardtack biscuits
  • 4 dehydrated "meat"-sticks
  • 6 packs of dehydrated fruit
  • Protein bars
  • 2 packs Nutripaste (often discarded)
  • 2 packs of powdered juice
  • 2 packs of powdered soup
  • 4 canteens of water

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