The Beholder, also sometimes called the Spotter, is a variant strain of the Zerg Overseer engineered by the Succubus Brood. During the Second Great War, a number of Beholders were present on Meinhoff.

Overview Edit

Beholders, unlike Overseers, are capable of using their ventral sacs to store potential subjects for infestation. The Beholder uses its abduction ability to grab a single unit and pull it into its ventral sacs, which are filled with a chemical that paralyzes the victim, allowing it to be carried back to the nest for conversion.

They possess a corruption ability similar to that of the Overseer which can be used on structures.

The Beholder is far more durable than the Overseer, and moves at approximately the same rate. Its ability to incapacitate structures makes it very dangerous against lone bunkers or missile turrets.

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