"These noble cats are truly one of nature's finest and deadliest creations."
—Dr. Benjamin Slater


The Bengalaas is a felinoid life-form native to Aiur. Bengalaases can be solitary or can hunt as part of a pack.

The Bengalaas is a fearsome predator, and has been noted to "play" with their prey like a house cat plays with a mouse. Their pack hunting tactics are acutely intelligent, capable of bringing down prey several times their size.


The Bengalaas' name is a variation on the Bengal Tiger, but it is actually closer to a panther in appearance and habitat preference.

As a life-form of Aiur, if one of these creatures is slain, it disappears in a blue flash, its mass converting to psionic energy.

The Succubus Brood assimilated a number of Bengalaas into their fold and acquired enough DNA to reproduce a deadly strain from their genetics.

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