Bhekar Ro


Bhekar Ro is a Fringe World in the distant reaches of the Koprulu Sector. It orbits a single orange star.

Originally the planet had "greasy gray skies" that frequently gave way to unpredictable violent storms of sonic intensity that occurred year round, the surface scarred by hailstorms and laser lightning. After the activation of an xel'naga temple however, the climate became more serene, white clouds instead of gray ones present throughout its atmosphere.

Bhekar Ro was settled around 2460 by colonists hoping it would be a “promised land” out of reach of the Terran Confederacy, seeking to escape from the civil strife of the Confederacy's inner worlds. Five years after settlement contact with the Confederacy was broken off. Survival depended on raising whip barley, triticale wheat and salad moss from poor and rocky soil. The first decades were aided by a corps of scientific personnel. Outbreaks of spore plague eventually forced the abandonment of most scientific endeavors as priority shifted toward survival.

Given the harsh conditions the colonists suffered a high mortality rate with virtually every colonist having lost a friend and/or family member. Colonists were considered adults upon their fifteenth birthday and were often married and had kids before they reached the age of eighteen. Despite the high death rate, colonists rarely let it get to them. Those who did often became careless, which resulted in their own demise.


For more information see Bhekar Ro on the parent site.

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