Bioforce energy is a form of energy created by combining both bio-energy and psionics.

It is essential in the use of matter-energy conversion and reality warping technology by the Vaul. Bioforce energy is also a very potent power source in weapons affecting biological, mechanical, and psionic lifeforms.


  • Bio-energy - the physical energy found in the living cells
    • Usage:
    1. sustaining biological life
    2. power source for bio-weapons (Zerg)
    3. able to directly and indirectly affect object in space
    • Limits:
    1. must affect matter via physical force
    2. cannot affect pure energy
    3. no effect on time
  • Psionic energy - the energy drawn from the mind and cosmos
    • Usage:
    1. limited effect on consciousness
    2. power source for advanced psionic-based technology (Xel'Naga and Protoss)
    3. variable effect on time and space
    • Limits:
    1. requires high psi index to affect matter
    2. difficult to maintain without sufficient concentration


Bioforce energy is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe (Ratchet & Clank: Bio-energy). Properly merged, it can manipulate time and space on a limited scale (Naruto: Chakra and Yin-Yang Release). If improperly handled, the energy can cause planet level destruction and up.

Combined with the protomatter in Proteus crystals, the resulting substance can convert worlds into whatever the user imagines. Because of these properties, Planet Forges require only use a small amount to alter a pieces of a planet.

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