"This large-scale five-shooter chambers the most powerful handgun round by virtue of muzzle energy and velocity it can produce, but this does so with a ton of recoil. It can penetrate armor with just brute force alone, but tougher armor like the CMC Marine Armor can be defeated with hardened adamantite rounds."

-in-game description

The Morhaime Combat Technologies Model 520 "Black Mamba" is a five-shot, large-scale revolver chambering the .52 Morhaime Slammer (a re-designed .52 Slammer round after the failed adaptation into a self-loading handgun). Manufactured by the same company, it is a far more practical application of a large round with a longer case. This revolver, although large and heavy, boasts much more power than the Desert Eagle, and using hardened neosteel core rounds, can penetrate Marine Armor with relative ease. It is an uncommon sidearm among every light armor divisions for its massive stopping power and good velocity, even though it only holds 5 rounds in the cylinder.

Properties Edit

The Black Mamba fires the large 13.2 x 41mm (.52 Caliber) semi-rimmed Morhaime Slammer ammunition, a large and very potent handgun round. These rounds uses a hardened adamantite projectile to penetrate CMC Marine Armor. The handgun employs a chrome-lined barrel and a chrome-hardened bore to increase overall firepower, withstand the massive amount of pressure the .52 Caliber rounds produces, and prolong longevity. The Black Mamba uses a 7.25-inch heavy barrel. Barrel length can go as short as a mere 3 inches, or as long as 13 inches.

The Black Mamba is a double-action revolver, weighing in at a hefty 6 pounds. This is necessary to help control the massive recoil.

Although heavy, the Black Mamba has a significant amount of recoil, even with its in-built muzzle brake to control the recoil. To the Mamba’s credit, the weapon can mount a revolver scope, with a maximum power of 4x zoom.

Gameplay Edit

The Black Mamba can be bought from a store named "'Big Daddy' Browder's Gas & Guns!" for 150,000 Credits. The revolver kicks very hard, but deals a significant amount of damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The Black Mamba is named after both the real-life venomous reptile, and the character Beatrix Kiddo (codename Black Mamba and primarily known as The Bride) from the Kill Bill movie series.
  • It shares similar appearances with the Smith & Wesson Model 500 and the Taurus Raging Bull.

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