A one person shooter/platform game, Blackthrone IV is the second most popular game found the the Koprulu Sector nest to the Lost Viking.


Blackthorne IV is set 20 years after Kyle Vlaros' return to the throne.

Though Sarlac was vanquished long ago, remnants of his army lay scattered throughout the outer reaches of planet Tuul. For the most part, there have only been random attacks by raiders every so often. Lately, however, Grag'ohr attacks have begun to increase and it appears that they are using more and more advance (and desturbingly familiar) weaponry.

To find out the source of their new found arsenal, King Kyle set out into the outer reaches deep within Grag'ohr territory with a small group of his most elite warriors (and his trusty shotgun). They did no return.

With the kingdom on the verge disarray, Kyle's heirs must retrace their father's steps before corrupt politicians usurp the throne of Tuul. Or wrost...


  • This was inspired by the original Blackthrone game by Blizzard Entertainment
  • This is an open artical so anyone out there can edit this to be as cool or hanus as possible

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