The Boeing League is one of two stellar Corporate states formed by groups of corporations that secretly fled Earth and the UPL during the mid twenty-third century, the other being the Mikoyan Alliance.


The Boeing League fleet sent out in the opposite direction from that taken by the Mikoyan Alliance fleet. They also traveled 2 years longer before settling in what became known as the Williams sector. Its government was initially a dual branch system with each corporation appointing a representative to the senate and a popular vote selecting a Chief Executive from a list of 10 candidates prepared by the senate. This changed after the Boeing League Civil War of 2408 to 2413 after which a second house with one representative elected by the population of each world selected 5 candidates while the Senate selected 5. The Boeing League for the most part avoided external conflict beyond repelling occasional pirate groups until the Second Purification Project and the ensuing war. It had a very well equipped intelligence division, and a covert ops fleet however which it used to infiltrate the UPL and later UED both gathering information, including new military designs in some cases, and carrying out operations aimed at preventing discovery of the League.


The Boeing League's military budget usually has 40 percent of the available funds being spent on the fleet and 60 percent on the army. This is due to the bulk of e League military's missions involving suppressing minor internal uprisings rather than facing external foes. The majority of their weapons are Plasma, Gauss, or missile based but the Covert Ops fleet is usually equipped with Lasers rather than Plasma weapons. Their navy is capital ship focused with the League only developing warp capable fighters after League intelligence stole the blueprints for a UPL warp drive equipped fighter design. Traditionally League Fighter wings are equipped with 4 or even 5 squadrons of fighter/bombers for each interceptor squadron. And League Warp drives are generally the fastest drives used by humans.

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