In the BeginningEdit

The Boeing League's largest civil war started as discontent in the late 24th century. Most administrations had done an admirable job of fulfilling their obligations to the corporations who selected them and the population that elected them but that began to change in the mid 2370s with the chief executives beginning to ever more blatantly favor the corporations. This seemed destined to change with the election of Willma Roads in 2408. She had run on a campaign vowing to pay more attention to the wishes of the population. Unfortunately she died in a shuttle accident just days after her election. Many rumors spread that she had actually been assassinated by corporate interests opposed to her plans. The Senate elected an emergency replacement who was very unpopular among the general population and within weeks a number of League worlds had declared independence.

The WarEdit

Many military units and ships had joined the rebels as well, and after an initial offensive by League forces was turned back by the rebels most of the war's fighting was confined to colonies that were divided on the issue of whether to revolt or remain loyal and were facing internal civil wars though both sides launched a number of deep strikes into the supposedly secure territories of their rivals. In the end long distance truce talks led to a ceasefire in 2413. A treaty was negotiated reuniting the League and making changes to the selection process for Chief Executive candidates ensuring no Chief executive could afford to openly favor the corporations over the population.

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