The Boros are a unique Dark Templar clan formed around the same time as the Lenassa.


Boros Clan members are characterized by the blank-faced helms that they wear.

Boros Templar protect themselves with thick body armor composed of light metals.


The most common armament of the Boros Clan is a single straight arm-mounted Warp Blade, larger than most other clans would implement.


Boros clan members characteristically only cut the back nerve appendages, and leave two long locks in front.

This allows them to perform minor psionic feats such as the ability to create hallucinations or illusory doubles, however it also allows them to be detected more easily by psionicly capable beings, due to the presence of greater psionic energies.


The Boros Clan was formed by Eldrun shortly after the Templari Division.

Boros translates roughly to "They that Remember" in Protoss.

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