Brusiers, or "knuckle draggers", are a modified breed of Infested Terran used as a last line of defense for infested outposts.

At first glance, Bruisers appear as giant humanoids with CMC armor made out of a heavy carapace. The bony, carapace jaws on their faces are completely exposed giving them an extremely savage appearance (One Piece: Axe-hand Morgan; Transformers Animated: Bulkhead). Due to having Ultralisk genes spliced into them, Brusiers have four powerful arms used to smash anything they can get their hands on or support their bulky frames. Each one is capable of hitting with a force equal to a Scarab's explosion.

Also derived from Ultralisk genes is an extremely thick armored carapace capable of taking several tons of punishment before cracking. Should Brusier lose half of their health, a special genetic reflex will trigger a reserve of mutagenic stimulants that cause their bodies to enter a berserker rage. In this rage, all of their attacks become strong enough to destroying tanks in a single punch (Marvel: Hulk). Due to the stimulants mutating muscles to grow at an exponential rate, enemy attacks become greatly reduced in effectiveness. The only drawback to using these chemicals is that they prevent the Brusier from regenerating lost health. But even if Brusiers are at the brink of death, they are still capable of laying waste to a small city on their own.

Possibly a remnant of their Terran genes, Brusiers tend to pound on their chests as if to intimidate nearby enemies (Warcraft 3: Pit Lord). Amazingly, this random action is completely foreign to Protoss to the point of causing them to become weary of getting too close.

Special abilities:

  • Intimidate - stuns enemy units for 10 seconds and reduces enemy damage by 20%
  • Rampage (passive) - at 50% health unit attack becomes 300. Unit can not regenerate HPs even after all enemy units are destroyed

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