C-10 Canister Rifle

The C-10 Canister Rifle is a Terran mid to far-range rifle issued almost exclusively to Ghosts.

Overview Edit

The C-10 mainly fires 25mm penetrative combustion rounds that are charged with energy instead of relying purely on conventional explosives and have the power to destroy siege tanks from the inside.

The C-10 is also equipped with a special underslung low frequency targeting laser that is used to guide tactical nuclear missiles and drop pods to their intended destination with pinpoint accuracy. It is also capable of using a variety of special munitions, including lockdown rounds that temporarily disabled mechanized units caught within the blast.

Although the C-10 is unwieldy in the hands of others, Ghosts are able to use it as both an automatic weapon and as an anti-personnel sniper rifle, capable of a one-shot kill.

The accuracy of Ghosts has improved thanks to the C-10 containing a magnetic grid tracker to verify coordinates, and it is accurate out to a range of 1200 meters.

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