The C-16 "Trick shot" rifle is the most recent variant of the C-10 canister rifles.

Hybridized with Protoss technology, these weapons utilize psionic-based energy to propel multiple types of ammunition. When fully charged, the Trick Shot's 30 mm rounds have the potential to take down an Ultralisk from point blank to 750m away.

Due mainly in part to its psionic power source, most non-psychic Terrans can not hope to use these weapons properly. To prevent it from falling into enemy hands, C-16 rifles are equipped with a specialized neural lock device that causes the weapon to explode if not wielded by its true owner.

Similar to its predecessor, the rifle can switch between a fully automatic to an anti personnel sniper rifle, fire specialized munitions to cripple targets, and laser tag landing zones for drop pods or nukes. Unlike the C-10 rifles, Trick shots have a neural interface device that allows it to use a new type of psycho-reactive munitions called Psi rounds. While interfaced, users can mentally control these bullets to a limited extent at supersonic speeds (Universal Pictures: Wanted). These almost guarantees the death/destruction of a target as long as the user remains unseen. The only flaw is that the neural interface requires total concentration making users vulnerable to anything around them.


  • High damage at long range and biological targets
  • Can switch from single shot to automatic
  • Can use sniper scope to zoom in/out on targets
  • Can use specialized munitions: lockdown device, EMP shots, Psi rounds, and etc...
  • Can target Landing Zone for Drop Pods or Nukes


  • Low ammo capacity
  • Less effective at close range, unless targeting vital parts (e.x. head)
  • Less effective against heavily armored targets
  • Psi rounds require total concentration

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