C-20A Utility Rifle

The C-20A is a Terran canister rifle. In use by 2503, its functions include acting as a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and grenade launcher.

Overview Edit

The C-20A can be customized quickly into an assault rifle, which is especially effective in close quarters. It has a 24 round magazine and is referred to as the C-20A Gauss Rifle in this mode. The C20A Gauss Rifle remains accurate out to a range of 600 meters.

The C-20A also features an in-built grenade launcher attachment, capable of lobbing a variety of grenades. Known varieties include; EMP, Flash, Hellfire, Irradiation, Lockdown, and Sticky Grenades. The Utility Rifle's grenades are accurate out to a range of 200 meters.

By attaching a scope, the C-20A effectively becomes a sniper rifle with an effective range of 1000 meters. It gives info on the target such as health, range and whether they can be locked down.

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