Cannondrolf Megantum is a fan-made character that he is the leader of his faction, Brothers of Megantum. Also, he is the terran marine but he's the hero for the special campaigns.



  • "From the homeworld I come."


  • "Commander."
  • "Yes?"
  • "What is it now?"
  • "Give me your command."
  • "Hmmm..."

Move order(Yes)Edit

  • "I can't wait no longer."
  • "What ever you say so."
  • "I'll consider it."
  • "Of course."
  • "Right away."

Attack orderEdit

  • "If you say so!"
  • "None shall survive!"
  • "Victory for the Brothers of Megantum!"
  • "You're time has come!"
  • "Strike!"

When attackedEdit

  • "Take that, foe!"

Repeatedly selected(Pissed)Edit

  • "What happend to me?"
  • "Our day has come to honor our command."
  • "I strongly emerged you, but you must defeat the Zerg mastermind to stand a chance."
  • "I am the Marine but I'm the leader of my faction called Brothers of Megantum."
  • "We prepare ourselves to fight for honor."
  • "I apologize it." (Sigh)

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