Captain Ta'sar is born on Aiur second moon named U'on.He has been killed by Terran Yellow squad Nuke during Monis civil war.He is Captain of Protoss Grand Army.His ship Jaolon was heavy damaged caused by Zerg Swarm.Zerg Swarm nearly destroyed enitrely part of his fleet.He and remains of fleet crashed to the Planet called Uonis He's created base on this unknown Planet and taked 50 planets in shadow of outer Zerg space.His fleet finded Monis and Terrans fighting.There are four squads:Red,Brown,Yellow and White.Ta'sar Uncle and brother was killed in battle of capturing the Brown base.His troops massacred Red,Remnants of Brown and White Terrans.Only but most fortified and strongest base remain.Yellow ones.Number two of strongest was Brown,three Red and Four White.He's and his troops attacked Yellow base.He's seriously wounded  by Marine named Nicolas and that marine was killed by Zealot following Ta'sar.Yellow Terrans set the Nuke to explode when Protoss came to destroy Command Center.Nuke turned entire Planet to Nuclear Wasteland.Protoss Orbit Fleet also has been destroyed.Ta'sar was been on ground unable to move because his legs and arms was seriously wounded.Ta'sar was 5 meter  far from nuke and lying on the ground.

-- 19:16, March 28, 2013 (UTC)GAGA

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