The Caretaker is a variant of the Protoss probe.

Its main functions are maintenance of armor, weapons, vehicles, starships, and buildings. Through the use of matter-energy conversion technology, the caretaker can repair any type of technology used by the protoss much like a Terran SCV. The only difference is that the robot uses energy instead of resources to MEND whatever needs fixing. This makes the Caretaker highly efficient in situations with scarce resources. Capital ships under fire in mid-warp also use the robots for external repairs as it is too dangerous for regular engineers to preform (Star Wars: Astromech droid).

For anti-siege purposes, a Caretaker FORTIFIES structures with additional armor plating that was not added during construction. This prolongs building longevity by a significant factor especially against the swarming tactics of the Zerg.

While their particle beams are just as useful in combat as standard probes, the robots use their limited teleportation beacon technology to summon more powerful Sentinels as backup. This makes Caretakers ideal in base defense in hostile environments and starship maintenance.

Special abilities:

  • MEND (autocast) - repairs friendly protoss structure or vehicle using 1 energy per 3 HPs
  • FORTIFY - adds +100 HPs and +3 armor to a target friendly structure
  • Summon SENTINEL - warps in a Sentinel to attack enemy forces

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