The Carrier is a Protoss heavy air unit.

Carriers are large, heavily armored and shielded warships that form the core of the Protoss fleet, serving as command centers for fleet commanders. Although Carriers lack weapon batteries or other armaments of any kind, their ability to unleash swarms of computer controlled Interceptors makes them devastating in ship to ship battle. In addition, the carrier's hangars can house Scout fighters and even Arbiters.

Carriers are capable of making jumps through warp space and can operate in both atmospheric and deep space conditions. When not on the bridge, a Carrier commander is entitled to his/her own quarters.

At least some Carriers can fire energy beams from their front sections; enough beams inflict purification on a planet.

Special abilities:

  • Build Interceptor - unit is produced with 4 Interceptors. Can be upgraded to 8 Interceptors as an auto-cast ability
  • Purify (auto-cast) - fires an energy beam dealing 500 damage in an area marked by an Observer


  • For more information see Carrier on the parent site
  • The annexed counterpart is called a Monitor

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