The Cartography lab is a Protoss civilian structure used to map and monitor star systems.

Used during the age of exploration, these installations received constant data relayed from scouting ships. Over countless millennia, thousands if not millions of different constellations and sectors were mapped and archived for the Protoss (Star Trek - Voyager: Astrometrics). Though stars have died and planets withered, Cartography labs contain some of the most accurate charts of the galaxy second only to the Xel'Naga.

Along with these star charts are geological scans of multiple worlds including rich resources and possible Xel'Naga ruins. Because of such valuable data, many Protoss warriors and scientists search through the wreckage of Zerg ravaged colonies to help rebuild their strength for the next invasion. Should any enemy force try to take the information from Cartography labs, any protoss in the vicinity is ordered to recover or destroy all data at any cost (Halo: Cole Protocol).

Special abilities:

  • Resource maps (passive) - unlocks secret location of Rich Mineral and Vespense Gas Nodes. User instantly gains 100,000 Minerals and Gas

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