The Caval-class Frigate is a model of warship widely used in the Gureval Sector.


The Cavel-class Frigate was first constructed in the 2430s by the Mikoyan-Sukhoi Alliance. It saw a number of combat actions against pirates and UPL vessels that strayed too close to the Alliance's territory in its first decade of service. It was also widely used by both factions in the early decades of the Krast Revolt. Several ships of this class were were also sold in the black markets of Gantris Sector to rebel allied privateers during the Gantris Revolt.


The Caval-class Frigate is 225 meters long, carrying a standard crew of 800 with room for 200 troops aboard, and a platoon of ground vehicles. It is warp drive equipped. For armaments it carries 8 antiship laser beam batteries, and 4 antiship railgun batteries along with 4 ship to ship missile launchers. It also has 30 point-defense laser mounts, and 18 point-defense railgun mounts. Its hanger carries 5 shuttles and four starfighter squadrons with six fighters each for a total of twenty four fighters fully loaded. In Alliance service its fighter wing usually consisted of two squadron of MIG interceptors and two squadrons of SU or RIT fighter/bombers while the Krast Rebels used two squadrons each of SU interceptors and fighter/bombers once Sukhoi interceptor production was fully online, and in the Gantris sector composition of the wing was rarely identical between any two ships. The ragtag nature of these wings was increased by the fact that many privateer, pirate, and rebel fighter squadrons mixed models from different sources.

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