The Celestial is an advanced version of the Stone Guardian based off High Templar technologies. Created by Ziggurats, the construct appears as a giant crystal Archon throwing concentrated psionic storms similar to Tempests. On impact the energy spheres explode with three times the force of a regular storm. This is enough to scatter tightly packed enemy infantry or launch tons of heavily armored machines several feet into the air. A Celestial hovers like an Archon, so it can move across gaps as if flying.

In support roles, a Celestial bolsters the plasma shields of allies similar to nexuses and a Purifier-class Mothership. Friendly units become virtually invulnerable to all conventional attacks while a Celestial is near them. This causes enemy forces to focus on the Celestial; however, its own plasma shielding is capable of withstanding a nuclear blast.

While idle, it produces an aura that heals and repairs allies biological and robotic by psionically rearranging matter at the subatomic level (Star Wars: Force healing; Transformers: Recreator). The aura also produces a calming effect, so it is rarely used on psi blade wielders in combat.

Special abilities:

  • Nexus Link - multiplies friendly unit plasma shields by x10
  • Serenity (passive) - heals and repairs friendly units by 5 HPs per second when not fighting

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