Cerebrate Artaz'Xorn is the leader of its brood known as the Neo Swarm. It is the seeker of new species for the Zerg to use them as new arsenals on the battlefield againts the Terran, the Protoss, and possibly the Neorrens. Artaz'Xorn and its brood's location is in the moon of planet Char known as Plagados.


Artaz'Xorn posesses a creative mind as it always thinks of how to use the species it have found as efficient as it can to turn them into new warriors of the Zerg army. It has a short temper and sometimes looks psychopatic and actually cares only its genetic searches and experiments. It doesn't even respect his former and current leader, The Overmind and the Queen of Blades, in the way ordinary cerebrates do.

The meaning of its nameEdit

The Protoss' little knowledge about the Xel'Naga's ancient language proves that the word Artaz'Xorn means "Seekeer".

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