Charybdis Brood Color

In the latter end of the Brood War, the Charybdis Brood's Cerebrate was mind-controlled by Patriarch Darr, who renamed the latent brood and is currently using it to fight the other Zerg factions.

The Charybdis Brood's faction color was turquoise.


The Charybdis Brood was known for its superior tracking abilities and was often called upon to hunt down escaped breeders and wayward enemies of the Dark Swarm across wild terrain or through the endless void of space. Although the numbers of this Brood were few, it carried out its pursuit with merciless precision and cunning. Their primary role, however, was to find new races and genetic strains that would benefit the Swarm through absorption. Once an acceptable race was found, the Charybis Brood would hound it until it had been either assimilated by the New Overmind or eradicated completely. They would also systematically hunt down and eliminate opponents of the Dark Swarm. The creatures of this brood were known for their formidable tracking skills and their deadly efficiency.


The Charybdis Brood was one of two known broods belonging to the Dark Swarm that did not have a special strain that gave it its title, the other being the Hydra Brood.

The Charybdis Brood is responsible for the reassimilation and genetic specialization of the Kraken Corruptor strain, giving the Scylla Brood the same genetic blueprint upon its defection.

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