Cogs are the workhorse of Xel'Naga manufacturing and mining forces.

Relatively simple in appearance, Cogs are more complex than any construction machine ever created. Cogs come in three parts: the head, the connector, and the base (Halo: Constructor; Star Trek - TNG: Echo Papa 607). The Head create buildings by digitizing materials and reintegrating them on ideal areas using molecular rearrangement. Cogs are able to morph part of their heads and bodies into any tool they require for construction and maintenance purposes (Star Trek - TNG: Exocomp). Cogs mine by first blasting through rocks then levitating useful ores with a gravitation beam.

Like all workers, Cogs are not very big on attack strength and can easily be destroyed if left alone against stronger enemies. The true power of the Cog is its ability to morph itself into a powerful firearm or attachment and combine to virtually any type of unit. This type of interfacing improves processing and adds extra power to the combined unit (Transformers: G1 - Megatron and Binary bonding, Armada - Mini-Cons). While interfaced, Cogs take no RAM from Diodes which frees up space to construct more combat oriented technology. Should the interfaced unit be destroyed, Cogs immediately eject and seek out the closest friendly unit to interface with. The only downside of interfacing is that it prevents users from employing their own auxiliary abilities.

Special abilities:

  • Interface/Eject - combines with a friendly unit to add +15 ground/air attack and +50 Shield Points. If interfaced unit is destroyed the Cog survives, but must recharge shields. Interfaced units can not use normal abilities while combined, except in certain cases

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