The Colossus is a Protoss walker built to destroy large numbers of ground targets.

Dating back to the Kalath Intercession, Colossi conducted mass slaughters disgusting the Protoss enough to be locked away on distant moons and asteroids. After the events of the Brood Wars, they have returned to the Protoss arsenal to wage mass destruction upon the enemies of Aiur.

Capable of traversing nearly any terrain, Colossi use their long legs to bypass obstacles such as gaps and cliffs with ease. The only downside to their height is that it makes them susceptible to anti-aircraft weaponry.

Special abilities:

  • Cliff Walk (passive) - unit can walk up and down cliffs

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Multi-Lance - attack splits into multiple beams damaging nearby enemy ground forces
  • Focusing Lens (upgrade) - increases attack power by +10


  • For more information see Colossus on the parent site.

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