The Commander was a Player Character. He was a Confederate officer, almost before Great War and during, he was a Commander almost all importmant missions of special units of Confederacy, and later of Sons of Korhal. He appear in Covert Operations.



Early fate of Commander is Unknown. He Was a careerist, and very quickly he received a commander rank, because of his strategic genius, he took part in the toughest operations of the Confederacy. Almost before Great War and Precursor, a Confederacy colonies just lost contact with the Capital Confederacy base on Tarsonis. Leonid Celsus sends the commander for investigate a one of the "Silent Cities" on Shiloh - Borroughston.

With a squad of Cerberus, he appeared on the planet, and discovered what happened with the city. The Unknown Creatures, left whole city in ruins. When Commander discovered what happened, he request Leonid Celsus for the Dropship, but he order a Cerberus Squad retrieve a Data Disc from City lab.

After that, Celsus finally send a dropship for troops, that were surrounded by aliens. They place Data Disc in Dropship, and almost flew out, but they got a strange transmission in radio: request to rescue the surviving civilians traped on the old factories. Leonid Celsus order to ignore that request, but Commander decide to help Civillians. Then Confederate Dropship, with Data Disc, left them in the planet and never return...

Commander reached the civilians, and there he met Jacobs Crunch. He told about that that the city was evacuated long time ago, but they left the prisoners in jail to death. They had no idea how to get out of from the planet, and Jacobs told only that they must believe in God's help and call any help on the radio. More and more they were surrounded by aliens, and in the last minute when their outpost was falling, the Hyperion under command of Arcturus Mengsk, fall from the sky, take the survivors, burn the aliens, and get out from planet. After that, Jacobs Crunch and Commander join to Sons of Korhal.

Ten hours later, the Leonid Celsus, already got Data Disc that, really contains information about Zerg Experiments on the Shiloh, decided to destroy the city by a nuclear strike.


Commander appear in Covert Operations campaign exactly 3 times. In first "Investigation" mission, he appear as non-playable but represent a player-speech character on briefings and transmissions. In another mission, "Scavengers", he is a hero playable unit. And Finally he appear on the "Smugglers Triumph" as hero non-playable unit.

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