Compound Lenses are a genetic enhancement used by the Zerg.

Assimilated from a species on a dark world orbiting a negative star, this mutation allows any breed to see multiple spectrums. It is one of the many senses the Overlord strain uses to detect hidden threats and targets.

When dissected by scientists, they found the lenses to be comparable to standard detectors found on starships (Star Trek - Enterprise: Suliban). In more recent evolutions, an inner membrane has developed to prevent sensory overload from sudden stimulations such as optical flares. Even through very thick fogs and intense flames, the Zerg's compound lens mutation allows certain breeds to discern enemies from background objects.


  • All strains become detectors and gain +2 sight
  • Ground units cannot detect hidden units while burrowed
  • Units are immune to effects such as Optical Flare and Dark Swarm

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