The Corsair is a fast, medium sized warship, built by the Dark Templar to safeguard their nomadic fleets. Extremely quick and agile, the Corsair was a versatile addition to the Protoss fleet with the Dark Templar's reunion with their Khalai counterparts.

Corsairs are designed for ship-to-ship combat, employing twin Neutron Flares. In addition, Corsair pilots can focus their psionic powers through their vessel's Neutron Emitters, which creates psionic static which disrupts neural impulses and renders computer-directed attacks inaccurate, making the Corsair a valuable part of siege warfare.

This "Disruption Web" is drawn towards the magnetic resonance found in ores and minerals. This static prevents all ground units and buildings (including base defenses such as bunkers and missile turrets) from attacking while they remain under it, but does not prevent attacks from outside. Affected units may still be attacked and damaged by units outside the web.


Despite its abilities, the Corsair is considered to be an aging vessel by the Khalai Protoss and is steadily being phased out by the Phoenix.

The Corsair remains in use by the Dark Templar and Savrai Protoss.

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